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Buckeye High School Career Day

Buckeye High School would like to provide a day of career discussions with all of the students enrolled at the high school. This is 680 students and there are a variety of ways to participate!

Be a Career Presenter!

Share with students what you do for a living and why. 20 kids each 23 minute period from 9:28 – 11:08, and then from 12:36 – 2:15.

Participate in the Career Fair!

45 companies will be in the gym during the three lunch periods. Each student will have one period for lunch, and then visit with companies for two periods. This portion of the event runs from 11:08 – 12:36.

We also need six soft skills presenters from 9:28 – 11:08 and then again from 12:36 – 2:15. If you would be interested in participating, please contact Kathy at