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Youth Employment and Education Services

Looking for a job? Trying to get support finishing your high school diploma or GED?

Want to find resources to sharpen your skills? We can help.

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How We Help

Youth educational and employment services are provided through Ohio's Comprehensive Case Management Employment Program (CCMEP). The goal of the services provided through CCMEP is to ensure that the academic, training, post-secondary education and employment needs of young people are met. CCMEP services for Medina County youth are provided by Jobs for Ohio’s Graduates (JOG).

Maximize your potential and find your passion.

At our Youth Resource Center, we provide youth ages 14 through 24 connections to services that help remove barriers to your goals and assistance in seeking education and employment, including:

  • GED completion
    • Assist in training and tutoring to obtain a GED
  • Job survival competencies
    • Fundamentals on behavior and appearance on the job, following directions, and getting along with coworkers
  • Career development competencies
    • How to identify interests, aptitudes, a career path, and basic employment goals
  • Job search competencies
    • Skills related to job searching, creating a resume, successfully completing applications, and interviewing
  • Leadership competencies
    • Belonging to and leading a team, making presentations to a group, and demonstrating committment to an organization
  • Basic competencies
    • Verbal and written communication skills and math skills

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