Local WIOA Policy

Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) Policy

Policy # Policy Title Policy File
A-01 Local Workforce Development Area Governance  State Policy Adopted
A-02 Veteran Priority of Service  DOWNLOAD
A-04 Procurement of OhioMeansJobs Center Operator and Provider of Career Services  DOWNLOAD
A-05 Procurement of Youth Program Services  DOWNLOAD
A-06 Selective Service Registration  DOWNLOAD
A-07 Standard of Self-Sufficiency  DOWNLOAD
A-08 Monitoring and Compliance  DOWNLOAD
A-09 Local Definition for Unlikely to Return  DOWNLOAD
B-01 Youth Program Eligibility  DOWNLOAD
B-02 Adult and Dislocated Worker Eligibility  STATE POLICY ADOPTED
C-01 Identification and Prevention of Conflicts of Interest  DOWNLOAD
C-02 Career Services for Adults and Dislocated Workers  STATE POLICY ADOPTED
C-03 Training Services for Adults and Dislocated Workers  STATE POLICY ADOPTED
C-04 Youth Program Services  DOWNLOAD
C-05 Use of Individual Training Accounts (ITA)  DOWNLOAD
C-06 Work Experience for Adults and Dislocated Workers  DOWNLOAD
C-07 Youth Work Experience  DOWNLOAD
C-08 Needs-Related Payments  DOWNLOAD
C-09 On-the-Job Training (OJT)  DOWNLOAD
C-10 Incumbent Worker Training (IWT)  DOWNLOAD
C-11 Customized Training  DOWNLOAD
C-12 Supportive Services  DOWNLOAD
C-13 Follow-Up Services  DOWNLOAD
C-14 Employer Service Delivery Under WIOA  STATE POLICY ADOPTED
C-15 Transitional Jobs (TJ)  DOWNLOAD
C-16 Youth Program Incentives  DOWNLOAD
D-01 Local Implementation of Workforce Development Services Under the Opioid Emergency Recovery Grant  DOWNLOAD
D-02 WIOA Adult & Dislocated Worker Flexibility Guidance for COVID-19  STATE POLICY ADOPTED
FORM Area 2 Rights and Responsibilities Acknowledgement  DOWNLOAD
FORM Training Provider Performance and Reimbursement Policy Acknowledgement  DOWNLOAD